Avtar Singh Bhurji – Uganda Olympic player

Avtar Singh Bhurji

Avtar Singh Bhuri is son of late Kirpoal Singh, a building Contractor in Uganda.

Bhurji studied at Demonstration School Kampala (which has now been demolished and the site is being used to build a Mall) and at to Kololo Secondary school.
After Kololo Bhurji went to the UK for further studies at Kingston College . He then progressed to South Bank Polytechnic where he obtained a Diploma in Training Management.

Bhurji’s younger brother called Joginder alias Joe is based and works in Uganda.

Bhurji joined Kampala Sikh Union Club in 1970 and in 1971 he was selected to play for Uganda Olympic team that went to Munich in 1972. In the Olympic the Ugandan team almost beat Germany who had made an equalizer at the last minute .In Munich he played all the matches except one.

Bhurji recalls playing with Pakistan and their well known right winger called Isahauddin. According to Bhurji their coach RS Gentle had warned him about Isahuddin who was nominated the best player in the last international tournament. Bhurji recalls giving Isahuddin such a challenge that he was dropped in the second half.

In 972 Idi Amin threw out all the Asians but the hockey players were exempted, Burji nevertheless decided to leave for the U.K In the UK, Bhurji played for Blackheath Hockey Club and then for Surrey County until 1988. From 1978 to 1984 he played for Nairobi Gymkhana when he move to Kenya.

In 1990 Bhurji started coaching In 1990 and is a level 3 coach and has coached clubs up to national league level . He gained 20 promotions during his 20 years in coaching.

Currently Bhurji coaches kids under 16 and lives in South London