Pyara Singh Lotay, C. Eng. M.I.C.E

Pyara had the distinction of being the first Ugandan Engineering graduate from the University of Nairobi having graduated in 1961. He was awarded a commonwealth scholarship to the UK where he studied Advanced Structures at the Welsh College of Advanced Technology and also worked under A.C. Hooker at W.S. Atkins in Partners. He was elected Chartered Engineer in 1964.

On return to Uganda he joined the Ministry of Works as a Project Engineer and built the Butiaba - Bugungu interior road. In 1967, he was appointed Regional Engineer Western Province based in Fort Portal. The following year he became the first Non-European to become the Regional Engineer (Buganda). In 1970, he moved to The Ministry of Works headquarters in Entebbe to take over duties as Chief Construction Engineer and later as Chief Planning year. Some of the major Projects that were completed under his jurisdiction were the long range transportation plans, The Nile Conference Complex, Crested Towers, the dual carriageway from Grand Imperial Hotel and Yusuf Lule Road, the New Entebbe Airport, The Kinyara Sugar Plant, and several major highways. He left Uganda to go to British Columbia, Canada in 1976.

In the social and sports areas he organized the 300 the Anniversary of Guru Nanak's Birthday celebrations in Uganda in 1966 when Khushwant Singh was invited. Pyara was president of Sikh Union for many years and was also the secretary General of Uganda Hockey Association. He accompanied the Men's and Women's hockey teams on several major tournaments and attended the IHF plenary session in Cairo. He was instrumental to rename the Sikh Union hockey club to Simba Union and made the club more inclusive. This name was later adopted by other East African Sikh Union clubs.

While in Fort Portal Dr. Ranjit Singh introduced him to the game of golf. When he moved to Entebbe, he became the first Asian member of the Entebbe Golf Club and played to a single figure handicap. In 1974 he won several major trophies including the Prince of Wales Cup. The picture shows Pyara and Ralph Adams with trophies.