Portrait of Duleep Singh

Duleep Singh

Half length, seated wearing a green tunic with a red cloak and a turban decorated with jewels , strings of pearls with a miniature of Queen Victoria around his neck Oil on canvas, in a carved wood frame Approx. 36 by 29in.:91.5by 74cm.
The sitter was the son of the great Sikh warrior Ranjit Singh, ”Lion of the Punjab”. And Jindan Kour, daughter of one of the f Maharajah’s palace doorkeeper .His father died in 1839 when he was a baby, leaving an unstable state. By the time young Duleep Singh was proclaimed Maharajah of Lahore in 1843 most of his relatives had died or murdered. Various abortive incursions and uprisings followed,. Leading eventually to the annexation of the Punjab in 1849, by Lord Dalhousie, .


Guru Nanak’s latest painting arrives in Uganda

Guru Nanak with Maulvi Bhalaol in Baghdad

Guru Nanak’s painting by Harpreet Kaur Dimpy of New Delhi arrived in Uganda this month.(see above). The painting was commissioned under the strict instructions of Baba Gurharkirpal Singh Raj Yogi of Hazur Sahib and painted by Harpree Kaur accordingly. It took 3 months to complete the painting which is oil on canvass. The painting was completed last year and Baba Gurharkirpal Singh unveiled it in Jullundur last December. Harpreet Kaur has also produced several works of Sikh art which have received international appreciation.


Salute to Khushwant Singh

The death of Khushwant Singh at the age of 99 was a great loss to the Sikh community. Despite being an agnostic he was a very proud Sikh because he felt that he belonged to the great Sikh race irrespective of his religious convictions or personal views . He was thoroughly sympathetic to the Sikhs and their cause but disagreed with the manner in which the issues affecting them were approached. He was a fully fledged, not a part time Sikh, until his death. And even in the last days of his fragile age it was understandable that his beard was flowing which did not require attention to be clipped due to poor health.