Second Sikh peer in the House of Lords

Lord Suri wih Gurmel Singh Chairman Of Sikh Council UK on his  left and Justicece AS Choudry on his right at Shepeherd's Bush Gurudwara ft

Sardar Ranbir Singh Suri, now Lord Suri has been made a peer – an honour given by the British Monarch that allows the recipient the right to sit and vote in the House of Lords –the most prestigious political chamber in the world.
Lord Suri is the second Sikh peer , after Lord Indarjit Singh to sit in the House of Lords.

The Sikh Council UK welcomed his appointment and pledged to work with Lord Suri on Sikh issues.

Lord Suri was recently honoured at the Shepherd’s Gurudawara, the oldest Gurudwara in London and was bestowed with a gift of Memorabilia engraving his new status.
His appointment was applauded by Sikhs all over the world as it gave recognition to the Sikh community in the UK. It is rare honour and respect for Lord Suri to be elevated to such a distinguished position for his services to the British people.

Lord Suri said at the gurudwara that he felt greatly humbled at this accolade and that he had served the British public in doing various voluntary work and encouraged others to do so to make a difference in the society we live in.

It took a long journey for Lord Suri now 79 years old to arrive in the upper house of the British parliament. Lord Suri comes from a humble Sikh background and is a dedicated Sikh. His was born in Rawalpindi like Lord Indarjit Singh
He migrated to Mombasa in Kenya and in the 1960’s Lord Suri migrated again to the UK and set up a lucrative Oceanic Jewelers Ltd in the West End and became King of bling .He also made strides in real estate business. It is believed his fortune is worth 40 million sterling pounds about 60 million dollars.