Dal Khalsa condemns Beant Singh’s postal stamp

Beant Singh’s postal stamp

The Dal Khalsa took a dig at Centre for releasing postal stamp of former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh terming the Congress leader as a ‘murderer of Sikh youth
Party spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said the Centre’s’ decision to release the postal stamp as a tribute on the former chief minister on his 18th death anniversary was tantamount to rubbing salt on the simmering wounds of the Sikh people.’

Dal Khalsa is one of the historic Sikh organizations which is in the vanguard of advocating for an independent Sikh country, the Khalistan.
In the U.K. the Chairman of Dal Khalsa Sardar Manmohan Singh said’ such murderer should not be hailed or condoned because they injure the sentiments of Sikh people and their families whose children were tortured and lost in droves’.