Sardar Manohar Singh Sandhu

 sardar Manohar singh sandhu

He served with the Uganda Police for most of his working life and retired as Police Superintendent (CID) in 1969. During his long and distinguished career he successfully handled a number of very high profile criminal cases. Mr Sandhu was born in 1923 in Entebbe where his father, Sampuran Singh Sandhu, held a Government position. He started

Avtar Singh Bhurji – Uganda Olympic player

Avtar Singh Bhurji

Avtar Singh Bhuri is son of late Kirpoal Singh, a building Contractor in Uganda.

Bhurji studied at Demonstration School Kampala (which has now been demolished and the site is being used to build a Mall) and at to Kololo Secondary school.
After Kololo Bhurji went to the UK for further studies at Kingston College . He then progressed to South Bank Polytechnic where he obtained a Diploma in Training Management.

Bhurji’s younger brother called Joginder alias Joe is based and works in Uganda.


AJMER SINGH MATHARU, Sportsman par excellence

S. Ajmer Singh went to Senior Secondary School in Dar-es-salaam where he also excelled in many sports. At 16, he was selected to play for the Tanganyika National Hockey Team – he was the youngest representative of the Khalsa Sports Club. He played for Khalsa Sports Club Dar-es-salaam when they won the coveted M.R.DeSouza Gold cup in 1954. He later joined the East African Railways & Harbours. He participated in the Lake Province Athletics Championships and was the top scorer to win the Victor Lordum Trophy.

Ajaib Matharu

Ajaib Matharu

After passing Cambridge School Certificate in Mwanza, Tanzania young Ajaib came to Kampala and joined The Asian Teacher Training College, Shimoni. He was selected the captain of the college hockey team. The hockey team achieved some excellent victories against local teams and against teacher training colleges in Kenya. In 1958, he started his teaching career at Nakivubo Primary School. He joined Sikh Union Club and soon established in the team. Here he matured and became one of the best players under the coaching of Ajmer Singh. He was selected to play for the Uganda national hockey team in 1959.

Parmindar Singh Lotay

Parmindar Lotay being interviewed on television network in Marbella, Spain in December 2012

Parmindar Singh Lotay is the second child of Sardar Harnam Singh ji Lotay and Mata Balwant Kaur ji Lotay. He studied Biochemistry at Makerere University, Kampala, and worked with Professor Tom Boyd on sickle cell anemia and iso-electric focusing of aspartate amino transaminase on polyacrylamide gel. He was the Chairman of Sikh Students Body that celebrated the 500th birthday of Guru Nanak Devji, where renowned Sikh writer Khushwant Singh addressed the gathering at the main hall. Khushwant Singh was flown out for the celebrations courtesy of the renowned Ugandan Sikh industrialist and philanthropist Sardar Inder Singh Gill

Pyara Singh Lotay, C. Eng. M.I.C.E

Pyara had the distinction of being the first Ugandan Engineering graduate from the University of Nairobi having graduated in 1961. He was awarded a commonwealth scholarship to the UK where he studied Advanced Structures at the Welsh College of Advanced Technology and also worked under A.C. Hooker at W.S. Atkins in Partners. He was elected Chartered Engineer in 1964.